Bio Gas Plants

All large industrial units run kitchen to prepare food for people. These kitchens produce large quantities of food waste containing remains of cooked food material and uncooked food material. As the kitchen waste is a potential feed for biogas generation, installation of a biogas plant in the vicinity of a community kitchen would solve the problem of disposal of kitchen waste and simultaneously produce biogas and manure. Turnkey Biogas Systems for all kind of Biodegradable Organic wastes of all sizes.
  • Continuous source of energy
  • Improved fertilizer quality
  • Reduced odour problems
  • Improved utilization of nutrients
  • Homogeneous light‐fluid slurry
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gases
We provide complete turnkey solution, including surveys & estimation of kitchen waste generation, design & engineering for Biogas Plant based on actual kitchen waste generation, supply of Dome along with piping, instrumentation and special low pressure biogas burners., erection , testing and Commissioning along with trouble shooting & O&M for the plant.