Risk Assessment

Kadam is involved in doing consequence analysis and Risk Assessment using PHAST Software made DNV for 26 sectors of projects requiring Environmental Clearance from MoEF&CC and SEIAA. Kadam is doing Risk assessment studies in India and also in abroad.
The Stages of Risk Assessment are
  • Hazard Identification –Study of chemicals stored, Chemical properties of chemicals, Identification of hazardous chemicals, Selection of failure scenarios
  • Vulnerability Analysis - Determine the vulnerable zones, human population, critical facilities and environment
  • Risk Analysis - Likelihood of a release occurring. Severity of the consequences
  • Calculation of individual Risk: risk of fatality for someone at a specific location, assuming that the person is always present at the location, i.e. is continuously exposed to the risk at that location.
  • Calculation of Societal Risk: is a measure of the risk that the events pose to the local population, taking into account the distribution of the population in the local area.
  • Suggestion of safety measures and mitigations measures
  • Disaster Management plan preparation
Case Studies