Solid and Hazardous waste Management

Kadam Enviro Group of Companies carries out detailed study of solid waste by chemical analysis of samples selected from various sites. Also, we help in formulating hazardous waste mitigation and recycling strategies. Analysis of hazardous waste and research is carried out for efficient treatment and storage / disposal of this waste. Also, the potential of the waste to be recycled is ascertained We help the clients in design and development of landfill sites from concept to commissioning.
Dhapa Landfill site
MSW Sites: 
To handle the problem of solid waste in an efficient manner is known as the solid waste management.
Works include:
  • Classification of waste
  • Remediation of Soil
  • Design & detailing of Landfill Site,
  • Closure of landfill
  • Energy recovery
We provide complete solution as PMC which includes:
  • Topographical Surveys & Geotechnical studies.
  • Waste characterization and Quantification surveys
  • GIS Mapping & identification of locations for Site selection of landfills based on MSW rules
  • Design for Collection & Transportation, treatment & Disposal System based on Population & waste forecast.
  • Design for Closure & Containment of Existing Landfill Sites.
  • Conducting EIA studies
  • Financial Assessment of the Beneficiary ULB’s, Towns or Corporations.
  • Assessment/Feasibility of sale of the treatment products such as
  • RDF/Compost/Recycled Materials/ Incineration Systems.
  • Development of planning model for entire SWM System and working out tariffs based on sustainable IRRs.
  • PPP Models for SWM Tenders
  • Tendering & Award of Work
  • Supervision over execution of Works.
Hazardous Waste Sites: 
We provide PMC services as above in order to develop a new Landfill or closure of existing Landfill.