Environmental Audits

Consequent to the judgement of Gujarat High Court dated 5th August 1995, wherein it observed that the statutory authorities were not able to monitor thousands of industries scattered over the entire state due to lack of manpower and infrastructure, the Gujarat High Court introduced the Environmental Audit Scheme December, 1996. This scheme envisaged qualified technical professionals becoming a link between individual industries on one hand and GPCB, other public authorities and associations of industries on the other. This scheme is being implemented by GPCB as per the directions of the Gujarat High Court. The scheme classified the industries into two schedules (Schedule I with greater pollution potential and Schedule II with lesser pollution potential). Since 2001, only research / educational institutions are appointed as Schedule I auditors who can audit Schedule I and Schedule II industries while other competent organizations are appointed as Schedule II auditors, who can audit only Schedule II industries.

We have been recognised Schedule II Environmental Auditors right since the inception of the Environmental Audit Scheme, 2015. We have three teams approved by GPCB, each consisting of an Environmental Engineer, a Chemical Engineer, a Chemist and a Microbiologist.