Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Kadam is indisputably a leader in the field of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments in India with projects spanning the length and breadth of the country.
Currently Kadam is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) for 31 sectors that require environmental clearance. With more than 55 NABET accredited EIA coordinators and Functional Area Experts (the vast majority of who work full time at Kadam), Kadam is generally an organisation of choice for project developers setting up important and key projects across the country, that not only require environmental clearance, but also require application of our diverse, yet specialized knowledge to make sure the environmental, social and health related impacts are controlled, mitigated and managed in a manner that not only ensures long term sustainability but also financial viability.
Our efforts are always to ensure that our work is something we can be proud of, and therefore our services almost always go beyond providing approvals – we assess ourselves with our stated mission of providing an ‘environment for development’ – this often requires providing our expertise in working with project developers to formulate their project so as to ensure that the projects reach fruition with the willing participation of all key stakeholders.

The firm conviction that the country needs balanced growth along with environmental protection has been with entwined into the DNA of the organisation since the time of our founder, the Late Shri Ashok Pandurangrao (‘AP’) Kadam, who founded the company with the stated aim of making it an organisation that is relevant to the needs and interests of the country by providing a platform to get together diverse agendas in the development story and then find a way ahead that assures an environmentally sensible and socially relevant project.

Case Studies