Onshore-Offshore Pipelines

Deep Sea pipelines have been increasingly used and laid for marine disposal of treated wastewater & Desalination Plants for use of marine water after treatment in Cooling Tower / drinking and various other industrial purposes. We provide total PMC Services for Deep Sea Pipeline systems including Survey & investigations, Design & Engineering, necessary Clearances including CRZ Clearance, Tendering and Project Execution, supervision till commissioning. This covers both;
Onshore Pipeline: 
Source up to the river mouth /estuary on land near Sea.
Offshore Pipeline: 
From river mouth up to diffuser outfall point under waters.
Services offered:
  • Reconnaissance, Alignment, Pipeline Route Finalization.
  • Cadastral Surveys for ROU and ROW.
  • Geotechnical Investigations.
  • Design of Pipeline & pumping station – gravity / pumping
  • ROU/ROW in case of cross country pipelines.
  • Getting required permissions like
  • EIA for CRZ clearance
  • NOC from GPCB and GMB (if req.)
  • Necessary Clearances from Local / State Government for road crossings / bridge crossings
  • Assistance in Marine EIAs for offshore section.
  • Designs for Outfall and Diffuser system.
  • Tendering & award of work
  • Supervision over Execution
Floating Fountain with Aeration System
Kadam Enviro group of companies has designed a “Floating Fountain with Aeration System” as a part of National Lake Conservation Plan for Lake Remediation. The fountain is installed with an aeration system consisting of an Air Blower which draws the atmospheric air and transfers it to the water body via diffusers. The supply of constant air maintains the D.O. Levels in the lake water limiting the phenomena of eutrophication and keeping the lake water fresh.

The fountain consists of a floating structure called ‘Punt’ which is being given the shape of the boat. There are four such punts in one fountain and on each punt a circular ring (equipped with side fall nozzles) is mounted.  There is a central nozzle in the fountain from which the center jet emerges out via submersible pumps. There are two such submersible pumps for Central Nozzle and two for side fall nozzles. All the nozzles are surrounded by LED lights which gives a constantly changing beautiful display of seven colors in the fountain water jets during the evening.

Fountains have been installed by Kadam in the City of Lakes i.e. Udaipur, Rajasthan in the World Heritage Site of Lake Pichola promoting the Lake remediation, Beautification and Tourism. The esteemed project was inaugurated by the Hon. Home Minister of the State Of Rajasthan Shri Gulab Chand Kataria in April 2018.