Sewerage systems

A storm drain / water supply / waste water /sewage systems are designed to convey /drain - water/wastewater/storm water from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, roofs/industries etc. All these are conveyance system designed either for gravity or pumping system.
This includes:
  • Designing for Internal Plumbing Systems in buildings and townships.
  • Designing of External Water Supply and Drainage, Storm Water Drainage systems for townships, estates.
  • Designing for Storm Water drainage, Sewerage Systems in various industries.
  • Designing of Waste water Pipeline gravity/pumping for industrial Estates.
Services covered:
  • Site surveys for data collection & alignment of pipeline route.
  • Designs with Folded Elevations for internal plumbing systems for water supply and drainage in buildings.
  • Geotechnical Investigations.
  • Pipeline are designed for gravity/pumping based on site conditions
  • Selection of MOC of Pipeline
  • ROU/ROW, Cadastral Surveys for Pipeline Route if necessary.
  • Other necessary clearances for road / railway / bridge crossings
  • Basic & Detail Designing of Entire Pipeline network along with Pumping Station.
  • Tendering & Award of Work
  • Supervision over execution of works.